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How to Choose the Best Beach Umbrella?

Beach umbrellas are no longer a luxury, but a must-have accessory for those who love to frequently visit the beaches and spend hours relaxing on the oversized towels. Today, no one can think of spending a day on the beach without an umbrella. Numerous researches and studies have been conducted which provided plenty of evidence. It is found there is a direct link between premature aging, skin cancer and exposure to sun’s UV rays.

Nothing could be more enjoyable than just kicking off your sandals and get under the umbrella to enjoy the views of the beach in its shade. What you need is good quality and sturdy umbrella, to begin with. Before you set out to buy an umbrella for the beach, you should be aware of the different kinds of umbrellas available in the market.

Types of beach umbrellas

Most beach umbrellas are large umbrellas who provide shade and protection against suns harmful UV rays. There are different styles in beach umbrellas, and all you need to do is look for the right style that meets your needs and budget. It would be easier for you to make the right choices once you get to familiarize yourself with the different types available. You are likely to come across commercial-grade beach umbrella, clamp-on beach umbrella, and UV-proof beach umbrella. The commercial-grade umbrellas are heavy-duty and made of sturdier weather-resistant materials. The clamp-on umbrellas are smaller in size and are the right option for those looking for an easy set up as they can easily clamp the umbrella to the table or chair. UV proof umbrellas are getting more popular as people like to get 100% protection from the harmful UV rays. When relaxing on the beach, it is a must to ensure complete protection from the sun.

The material of the fabric

The fabric or material used to make the umbrella determine its quality and the amount of protection it can give. The common fabrics that are used include polyester, cotton, and canvas material. The polyester material is known for blocking the heat of sun as well as mold resistant. Polyester is durable, wrinkle-resistant and easy to clean. Cotton is another ideal material as it naturally repels the heat and creates a cool shade under the umbrella. Cotton is highly durable and affordable hence makes a brilliant choice. The canvas material used in beach umbrellas is coated with PVC, and that makes it durable and waterproof. Hemp, cotton or linen material is used for making canvas umbrellas.

Check the thickness of the material as the higher thickens translate to more protection from the sun. Look for a material that offers maximum sun protection and is easy to clean and maintain. For example, the polyester material is wrinkle-resistant and can dry very quickly.

What is the best umbrella for the beach?

The most important points to consider while selecting the best umbrella for the beach is its material and how easy it is to set up and transport. An umbrella that is heavy-duty and long-lasting and offers maximum sun protection indeed makes for the right choice. You should be able to carry it easily and set it up within minutes. Avoid umbrellas that are cumbersome to carry and difficult to set up. You would, of course, not want to wait in the sun for a longer time as the umbrella is being set up.

The pole is the middle vertical spine of the umbrella. It usually connects the umbrella with the below anchor. It should be made of sturdy materials like PVC, wood, steel, or aluminum and carry a rust-resistant coating. The poles can be foldable or a detachable and weigh lighter or heavier. Consider the design of the pole and its weight and size for easy portability. The diameter of the pole should be at least an inch in width, and it should end in some sort of point so that it is easier to anchor. The factors to check while selecting the beach umbrella is stability, ease of transport, setup, weight, size, breathability, and durability.

How big should a beach umbrella be?

The size is a major factor when you pick a beach umbrella, especially if you have a big family or like to spend your day with a large group of friends. Look at the diameter of the umbrella, more than 9 feet is considered good enough option for a large-sized umbrella for the beach. However, if you are looking for an umbrella just for yourself or as a couple, a 6 feet diameter is enough

Can you get sun under an umbrella?

People buy a beach umbrella to relax in its shade and get protection from the sun. This is why they place extra attention on the fabric used for making the umbrella and prefer UV proof umbrellas. They do not have to worry about the UVA and UVB rays and can relax without any side effects of sunburn. Nevertheless, it is a good idea to use a good quality sunblock as an additional sun protection factor for 100% protection from the sun. This is because some skins are more sensitive and vulnerable to Sunburn. Moreover, the UV rays can still reflect off the sand and reach your skin.

How do you anchor a beach umbrella?

It is not uncommon to see people often struggling with the beach umbrellas and trying to anchor them securely. While the frustrating spectacle might be a source of entertainment for some, but it is no laughing matter as there are stories of people getting injured. Keep in mind that the beach umbrellas are much heavier than the patio umbrellas and should be handled carefully. Do not think that your job is done once you just assemble the umbrella and stick it in the sand.

To begin with, keep the umbrella closed and just focus on driving the pole into the ground. Place your body weight on the pole and move the pole back and forth in circles to dig deeper. Once you feel that the pole is one or two feet down, which is deep enough, hold the pole and fill in the hole with sand. Open the umbrella now, and your job is done. You may want to adjust the pole and the umbrella based on the angle of the sun, before spreading out your towel. If you have kids with you, keep them away from the pole.

Invest in a good quality beach umbrella if you spend a lot of time on the beach. Just follow the above guide to make the right choice as there are countless designs, numerous styles, and different materials available in beach umbrellas.

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